Raid 5 write hole

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RAID “Write Hole” Phenomenon

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What happens when there is a write hole in RAID 5

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Closing the RAID5 write hole

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The write hole can affect every RAID level but RAID-0; both striped (RAID-4/5/6) and mirrored (RAID-1) configurations may be vulnerable, simply due to the fact that atomic writes are impossible in 2 or more disks.

The RAID5 Write Hole 14 Jan The latest edition of the venerable UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook (Nemeth et al) has a good section discussing the “RAID5 Write Hole”. Finally, RAID 5 is vulnerable to corruption in certain circumstances. Its incremental updating of parity data is more efficient than reading the entire stripe and recalculating the stripe’s parity based.

In a RAID 50, which can be represented as a set of RAID 5 arrays, write hole can occur in each of these arrays. The same way RAID is vulnerable and RAID 60 as well, albeit with lesser probability. "Write hole" is widely recognized to affect a RAID5, and most of the discussions of the "write hole" effect refer to RAID5.

It is important. The write hole can affect every RAID level but RAID-0; both striped (RAID-4/5/6) and mirrored (RAID-1) configurations may be vulnerable, simply due to the fact that atomic writes are impossible in 2.

Sep 21,  · Write holes are caused when you are reading to or writing from a raid 5 drive while the computer unexpectedly crashes (bsod or power outage) this creates corrupted data in your parity drive.

Raid 5 write hole
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