Rc circuits lab

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Capacitor Lab: Basics

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PHY 124 - AC circuits

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Lab 1: RC Circuits

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Physics 42 Lab 7: RC Circuits Prelab: Read Chapter 28 and the lab.

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Derive equations (1) and (2) below neatly and starting from the charge on the capacitor (as derived in the text) You must have your prelab done to be in class! Option Information: MIL-PRF JAN/TX/TXV Process Test Conditions per MIL-STD Lab 7 - LR Circuits; Lab 7 - LR Circuits The mathematical analysis of a simple LR circuit is similar to that of a simple RC circuit (a circuit consisting of a resistor and a capacitor in series).

Please print the worksheet for this lab. You will need this sheet to record your data. EE/CE Electronic Circuits Laboratory Spring Professor Y. Chiu 1 Lab 3: BJT Digital Switch Objectives The purpose of this lab is to acquaint you with the.

IEEE, FIU's student chapter, sells kits for the circuit lab EELL.

Rc circuits lab
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