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Forest products information and media company RISI Inc., Bedford, Mass., has announced that its Pulp & Paper Week publication will serve as the home of Official Board Markets (OBM) paper stock prices starting Oct.

5, From RISI Pulp & Paper, 10/2. Thermal market jolted after dye plant was shut by government in China. The one-million-ton global thermal paper market was jolted this week when the largest supplier of leuco dye shut down in China for a minimum of three months.

The work the latest advances in electric cars technology and their design specs. • The paper discusses the advances in the sources of energy for electric cars. The supply/demand dynamics across our paperboard grades are healthy. Inthe AF&PA [American Forest & Paper Association] reported the average industry operating rate for CRB was 95% and for.

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American Litho sources provide an update from RISI on the recently announced (and expected October close) purchase of Pulp mill. ND Paper’s planned buy of Fairmont mill seen as both a ‘hedge’ and, ultimately, as a fiber helper for China.

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