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Blanket Permission to Podfic

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sherlock, johnwatson, sherlockholmes Reviews: 2. John/Sherlock @ AO3 @ao3johnsherlock. Alerts for new John/Sherlock (Sherlock BBC) uploads to http:// Checks for new works every 15 minutes. Sherlock was about to say something but the beeped. I turned to look at the phone and John turned it on.

''You had one new message''the phone said, the phone sounds the pips again, but now there are only 3 pips and a long one. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson live as Detective and biographer in Victorian London.

After solving the case of Countess Morcar and The Blue Carbuncle, John Watson supposes, as it almost Christmas, normal life will resume. However, Sherlock Holmes has met mortuary girl, Molly Hooper, and life will never be the same again.

Basically what that means is that as fics are submitted to the Sherlock (TV) -> Sherlock Holmes tag on AO3, a link to them is generated automatically and sent to post on this blog. Who: Lots of different people wrote the fics you'll find here. The man—Sherlock Holmes, and Stiles would comment on the name if he didn’t go by Stiles for a damn good reason—offers him tea.

Stiles accepts, even though he doesn’t like tea, because it .

Rubykatewriting ao3 sherlock
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