Smhaff writing awards won

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Brave English teacher's searingly honest short story wins top writing prize

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Look after your Noggin: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival

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are showcased on the Netherbow stage at the SMHAFF Writing Awards. You only had to attend our Film Awards or Writing Awards, watch one of the films in our film programme, have your mental health assessed by the Vaccum Cleaner, attend our closing party with techno legend Derrick May, be amazed by Emma Jayne Park’s hip hop, weep at a Vanishing Point’s Tomorrow, take a look around the Out of Sight/Out of Mind.

SMHAFF WRITING COMPETITION NOW OPEN!!! By Graeme Bowman on 25 May in News · Add Comment. Winning and Highly Commended entries will be honoured at an awards ceremony held during the Festival in October, with full details to be announced when the Festival programme launches in September.

Supporting the future of creativity since 1923

The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film festival have an annual writing competition. Come along to this event to honour the very best submissions from this year’s writing competition, held in partnership with Bipolar Scotland.

Expect to be moved and inspired by beautiful readings on the festival theme of ‘time’. The inaugural SMHAFF Writing Awards were a celebration of the power of words and the diversity of talent displayed by all those who entered the competition.

Presented in collaboration with Bipolar Scotland, the ceremony took place in the Mitchell Library’s main exhibition hall and featured readings from each of the ten finalists’ pieces. Unmute @smhaff Mute @smhaff Follow Follow @smhaff Following Following @smhaff Unfollow Unfollow @smhaff Blocked Blocked @smhaff Unblock Unblock @smhaff Pending Pending follow request from @smhaff Cancel Cancel your follow request to @smhaff.


7 Important Awards For Writing Every Writer Should Know Smhaff writing awards won
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