Write atomicity of sulphur

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Density of Oxygen is g/cc. Find the Molecular mass of sulphur = Atomicity X Atomic mass Write the chemical reaction involved in this process. i) How many moles of ammonia are present in glass bulb A?. Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules. General Question: Illustrate the relationship between a mole, Avogadro’s number and Mass.

Q1. A reaction is taking place wherein, 5g of sodium carbonate reacts with gm of ethanoic acid. E.g.,O 3 —> atomicity is 3 O 2 —> atomicity is 2 (c) Polyatomic ions: When more than two atoms combine together and act like an atom with a charge on it is called polyatomic ion.

Writing time – am – pm Maximum Marks: Regarding sulphur which of the following is/are correct?

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(A) Density of rhombic sulphur is more than that of monoclinic sulphur In the gaseous state the atomicity of sulphur is two (D) All of the above are correct Mark the wrong statement.

Halogens are all coloured. Q 23 Write the formula of the following compound and name the elements present in them. (a) Ammonia (b) Sulphur dioxide (c) Ethanol (d) Methane.

Its is 8, because atomicity is defined as no. of atoms in a stable molecule.

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Like, oxygen molecule is O2 and hence its atomicity is 2. Similarly Sulphur occurs in 2 states being S8 and S6.

Write atomicity of sulphur
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