Writing a nursing ceu

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Quick and Easy Nursing CNE courses

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• Licensed Practical Nurse • Registered Nurse. Below are the Frequently Asked Questions for CARN and CARN-AP testing and recertification: FAQ’S (New updated list of references uploaded – see FAQ#14).

David Hahklotubbe, MA. Master of Arts degree in Gerontology, Long Term Care Administration from San Francisco State University has been an administrator in many large facilities (80+ beds) with special units for those afflicted with dementia.

David is the co-owner of Choctaw House, a 6-bed RCFE specializing in memory impairment, located in Napa, California. Bellevue University is a private, non-profit, accredited university. Career-relevant bachelors, masters, Ph.D.

degree programs are offered online & on-campus. Audience: Test Development and Item Writing is designed for nursing educators who need to learn the basics or refresh their knowledge of test construction and item writing.

Learn the nitty-gritty of test writing from the developers of the NCLEX exam! Author CEU courses for nursing through Corexcel. Develop online CEU courses for nursing using our development guide. Work from home and use our web writing guide to develop online ceu classes.

Writing a nursing ceu
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