Writing a song on ukulele

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Perform Like a Pro

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12 Tips for writing, and selling, great jingles

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‘Ukulele Songs: Chords for Popular Uke Tunes

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It's time to diversify ukulele is becoming so popular in Australia that I thought I should give it a go and write up some easy songs to play on ukulele. Jingle writing – AKA commercial ad music – can be lucrative and challenging.

Here are 12 tips to help put your music in commercials by writing great jingles. The Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of ukulele history. JENNY PETERS is one part of the sister duo responsible for 21 Songs in 6 Days.

Hey, Soul Sister

She decided to learn to play ukulele after stumbling upon 45 of them in one of her elementary school classrooms. To make a song sound good, you want the chords you use, to match and sound good together.

You can try a whole bunch of chords and see if they match, but there’s actually a quicker way to find matching chords, using “keys”.

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Writing a song on ukulele
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